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Office of Cross-Strait Education of Asia University


Freshman Health Examination

1. As required by the “Guideline for Student Health Examination and Disease 
Prevention”, in order to understand the health condition of each student, which is used 
as a reference for future disease prevention and publicity, each new student (including 
students transferred) shall take the health examination when entering school (See the 
“Health Examination Card” for details).
2. In the freshman registration system, students shall complete the basic health 
information to protect their safety and health in case of occurrence of emergency, and 
this basic health information will be used as an important reference for future disease 
tracking, caring and guidance.
3. Mainland students at least shall complete the health examination within 7 days after 
entering Taiwan according to the No.4 of clause 10 in the procedure for mainland 
students studying in Taiwan.
4. Instructions for health examination in Taiwan:
(1) After the time for entering Taiwan is confirmed, students can make an appointment 
with a hospital for health examination by phone. Hospital cooperating with our 
school: China Medical University Hospital – Health Examination Center. Tel: 04-
22052121; Ext.: 5620-5623
(2) Please tear down the attachments of the Freshman Admission Manual – the 
“Student Health Examination Data Card” and the “Items Required for Health 
Certificate (Table 1)”, and then complete all the fields to be filled in by students in the 
front of the data card, and affix a personal photo of 2 inches to it. Students shall keep 
the card and carry it to the health examination site on the day when health is 
(3)Please note that students should not eat food after the midnight on the day before 
examination (only water is allowed), and the health examination organization shall 
perform health examination according to the items listed in the data card, and fill the 
examination results in the data card and affix the hospital stamp to it. Within 7 days 
after entering Taiwan, students shall go to the hospital to take health examination. 
After examining, students shall submit the data card to the Center for Creative 
Leadership (M121 of the Administration Building).
(4) If students go to other hospitals to take health examination, they shall pay about 
NTD 1,800 to 2,000 for the registration fee, medical fee and items listed in the health 
examination table on site of the day.
5. Instructions for health examination in China mainland:
(1.) Items listed in the “Student Health Examination Data Card” and the “Items 
Required for Health Certificate (Table 1)” as shown in attachment 1 shall be 
(2.) Health examination items include: Serological test for human immunodeficiency 
virus (HIV) antibody, chest X-Ray for tuberculosis, stool examination for parasites, 
serological test for syphilis, proof of positive measles and rubella antibody titers or 
measles and rubella vaccination certificates, and Hansen’s (leprosy) disease check-up.
(3.) Mainland students at least shall complete the health examination within 7 days after 
entering Taiwan according to the No.4 of clause 10 in the procedure for mainland 
students studying in Taiwan. The Ministry of Education may require them to provide 
the health examination certificate documents issued by medical institutions or 
international travel healthcare centers notified by notary offices of China mainland 
when students apply for entering Taiwan according to the sudden epidemic situation, 
and shall submit such certificate documents to organizations set or appointed by, or 
non-governmental organizations authorized by, the Executive Yuan for verification.
6. Our school only accepts health examination documents issued by governmental 
hospitals, medical centers, regional hospitals or local hospitals (excluding health 
centers and clinics) within 3 months before the term begins. If items listed in the 
health examination data card are not all completed, the Healthcare Team will refuse 
the health examination documents and regard as not examined.
7. In order to understand the health condition of new students, the Healthcare Team 
will notify their parents to submit the health form in writing if new students fail to 
submit the health form. After notifying, if the students still not submit the health form, 
the Healthcare Team will ask the tutor of each class to give assistance. 
8. Power of attorney for sending students suffering from emergency injuries to 
Students shall tear down the attachment 2 of the Freshman Admission Manual – 
“Power of Attorney for Sending Students Suffering from Emergency Injuries to 
Hospital” and submit it to the Center for Creative Leadership (M121 of 
Administration Building) within two weeks after the term begins (before 24 
September, 2012).
10. If you have any questions about health examination, please contact us at (04) 
2332-3456; extension: 3250 and 3251
Counseling time: 08:00-12: 00am; 13: 10-17: 10pm (Monday to Friday)
Information submission time: Before term begins/ 8:00 -17:10 (Monday to Friday);
After term begins/ 8:00-22:00(Monday to Friday)

More information: http://shs.asia.edu.tw/test/

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