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Office of Cross-Strait Education of Asia University


Regulations of Dormitory

Guideline for Dormitory Application and Management of Asia University Students
Important regulations are as following:
1. If dormitories and beds are not approved, students shall not move, exchange or change. Students will be 
required checking out and punished according to the reward and punishment method in case of any 
2. During winter and summer holidays, if a student wants to apply for accommodation for special reasons, 
they shall handle the application during the notification period. The bed will be separately assigned on the 
basis of based on the principle of concentrated stay (It will charge NTD 100/day for accommodation on 
winter and summer holidays).
3. When boarders enter dormitories, if equipment and facilities in dormitories are damaged, they shall 
complete the repair form in the repair report system. Damaged equipment and facilities will be repaired by 
the General Affairs Office. During stay, if any inappropriate man-made damage is found, the students shall 
be responsible for repair or compensation, and will be punished according to the seriousness.
4. Dormitory door access and safety maintenance:
(1) The dormitory door will be opened at 5:30 am and closed at 23:30 pm. Students can go in and out freely, 
and the door access time is controlled by the administrator.
(2) After the night door access time of Sundays and Thursdays, the residence advisor will go to every 
dorm room to call the roll. At 23:30 to 40 pm of Fridays and Saturdays, mainland students should go 
to the dormitory counter to sign in their names, and if mainland students want to stay outside on 
holidays, they should ask for leave from the administrator.
5. In order to keep safety and quality of group life, boarders shall comply with the following life rules: 
(1) Often do housekeeping and keep dorm clean.
(2) Shall keep dorm quiet, and avoid chatting loudly, making noise and playing music and singing songs.
(3) Shall not store banned goods (forbidden drugs, illegal drugs, alcohols), dangerous goods (guns, shells, 
etc), and health hazardous goods.
(4) Without permission, no people are allowed to enter the dorm, and visitors shall be received in the social 
hall. In case of any special case, students shall not enter the dorm until report is made (register in the service 
(5) Foreign guests or relatives and friends are not allowed to stay overnight.
(6) Without consent from roommates, do not hang clothes or put up calligraphy and paintings, and pictures.
(7) Shall not affect self-study or sleep of others.
(8) Without permission of the dorm administrator, students shall not use the broadcasting and monitoring 
(9) Students shall not quarrel, fight, gamble, play Mahjong, drink, and cause trouble in dorms.
(10) No smoking in dorms. 
(11) Poultry and animals are not allowed to rear in dorms.
(12) Strictly prohibit students from modifying circuit or using appliances (can use computer, radio recorder, 
desk lamp, hair drier, small fan) without permission from the university.
(13) Shall not place bicycles, motorcycles and goods that may affect the view of the dorm on the sidewalk.
(14) Journals and books, health equipment in the social hall are only for reading and using in the hall and are 
not allowed to take out.
(15) Shall not invite purchase, check in, move out, and exchange beds without permission.
(16) Shall not bring merchants to dorms to buy and sell goods.
(17) Shall comply with the guidance of the dorm administrator or cadres of autonomous committee.
(18) Shall complete the name list and tell roommates, parents or guardians in case of staying outside for 
some reasons.
(19) Shall comply with dorm door access regulations.
(20) Shall complete tables related to dorm management (accommodation application form, name list, public 
property signature table, late return application form, etc) according to regulations.
(21) Garbage shall not be discarded in the public areas of dorms, and garbage in dorms shall be cleaned 
(22) When getting in or out dorms, shall dress up neatly, and do not wear scruffily or slippers.
(23) Shall not do any matters that may violate public health, public safety, and quiet living environment.
Any violation of the above-mentioned regulations will be punished according to the “Reward and 
Punishment Methods” of our university depending on the seriousness, and will be listed as the basis for 
accommodation application.

More dormitory information: Dormitory Section of Asia University


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