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Office of Cross-Strait Education of Asia University


Flow for Admission Guidance Seminar

Flow for New China Mainland Students (Regular Students) Admission Guidance Seminar

1. Work unit: Center for Creative Leadership

2. Work purpose: Help regular China mainland students to understand Taiwan laws, learning environment, school culture, educational aim, school profile, and relevant life and learning regulations so as to cultivate their sense of identity.

3. Work standard: Handled by the Guidance Seminar for First Entry to Taiwan stated in the Guidance Personnel Reference Manual for China Mainland University Students published by the Ministry of Education.

4. Work time: The week that school starts, and after all China mainland students register in the school.

5. Important instructions:

(1) According to the Guidance Personnel Manual for China Mainland University Students published by the Ministry of Education, it will be all handled after all China mainland students have reached the school. The late arrived students will be separately coached if it cannot be handled uniformly.

(2) The seminar will invite responsible unit coaching mainland students and teachers of departments where new students will study in to participate in. if family members of mainland students come to Taiwan, they also shall be invited to participate in.

(3) In the seminar, relevant reference data, forms related to teaching and instructions related to promotion shall be issued.

6. Work flow:










2 weeks before term begins


1 week before term begins

1 week before term begins


The week before term begins

Within 1 week after term begins


Plan and organize mainland new students guidance seminar


Borrow the guidance seminar site


Notify mainland new students the seminar time


Invite relevant staff to attend the seminar


Collect all information related to the seminar


Mainland new students guidance seminar


Continue other life guidance





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