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Office of Cross-Strait Education of Asia University


Shandong province 22 university Library director to visit the Asia University!!

By the Shandong University Library Director Liu Xiangjin curator, led 22 university librarians to Taiwan to visit the regional university library mode of operation, knowing the outstanding performance of Asia university, domestic and foreign academic ranking great leap forward, has become a miracle in Taiwan's higher education system, so in the busy trip to the Asia University to visit. By the Asia University school library director Liao Shu Juan, cross-strait education exchange office Chen Chao key and other reception; although the day the poor weather, with drizzle, but not reduced the enthusiasm of the Asia University hospitality guests!


Asia University Library Foundation: "Knowledge is the source of creativity, wisdom is the condensate of knowledge" The library maintains the concept of school, with health, information, management, humanities and design and other fields for the collection objectives, and actively enrich the resources and provide diversified services.


The library has a series of "Xiong Ai Reading" activities. This activity is to use the bus station, dormitory, community activity center and other places, a small bookcase settings, so that not only students, community residents can use free time to read. This kind of ingenuity, so that the curators have been fresh, and hope that this visit, more to increase the international exchanges between the schools.

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